This e-business solution has been specially designed for retailers of leather goods wanting to boost their site traffic, increase sales and encourage repeat spending. It is an all inclusive transactional e-commerce solution and vSplash plans, builds and hosts the site for you. It is like renting a shop on the net to sell leather products.

As a retail leather specialist, you can take your business online and sell a vast range of leather goods, including footwear, jackets, luggage, attaché cases, handbags, purses and wallets and stud boxes. The internet has evolved into a fast-growing, mature sales channel for luxury goods and accessories and you can seek to expand your online sales multi-fold over the next few years.

Key goals for the new website include:

* To promote and communicate your brand and its range of leather goods and accessories
* To offer a compelling online shopping experience
* To keep the store open on a 24/7 basis for 365 days a year
* To develop the internet as a channel for garnering new customers (via search engines etc.)

vSplash makes this business proposition a very lucrative one indeed by promising you big value for money. Its a great opportunity for you to grab and make it to your next big milestone in life.

Set up your online store for leather products and accessories today!


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